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The Trupanion difference

Say goodbye to the reimbursement model. Trupanion is transforming medical insurance for pets, and we’re transforming veterinary hospitals as a result. When your team uses Trupanion’s software to easily and conveniently process claims and get paid in seconds, you’ll enjoy:

✔️Increased revenueYour clients will know that the Trupanion policy will be covering90% of eligible expenses before they even check out, so they’ll be more likely to agree to your recommendations.

✔️Simplified workflowSave time and prevent headaches by eliminating paper claims forms. A few clicks is all it takes for your hospital to be paid in seconds.

✔️Happier team, happier clientsRemoving finances from the equation means your team can provide the best care for their patients, and your clients can agree to recommended care because they know that they don’t have to pay upfront and wait to be reimbursed.

✔️Healthier patientsWhen your clients agree to your recommendations, your patients win.

See what other hospitals are saying

I am absolutely a firm believer that pets with insurance get better medical care. We can just go right to diagnostics, treatment. It makes me feel like I can provide the best care possible.

Jonathan Baker
DuPont Veterinary Center


We strive to offer the best medicine and care for our furry patients… with Trupanion there’s a no-fuss, no-wait reimbursement through Trupanion Express.

Crystal Monroe
Veterinary NurseRose
Mohnacky Animal Hospital of Carlsbad


Our clients are very happy with the pay-to-hospital feature - it completely takes the question of whether or not to treat an accident or injury off the table!

Shanna Peterson
Practice Manager
Rose City Veterinary Hospital


We can pay you in seconds, and save you hours

8 out of 10 claims settled in 5 minutes or less

90% of eligible costs paid directly to your hospital**

65% more visits* from Trupanion-insured pets to your hospital

105% revenue increase* from reduced credit card fees, increased client loyalty, and greater treatment compliance.

We love informed decisions. See the policy for full coverage details. 
* Results from the 2015 Trupanion hospital data analysis study. 
**Terms and conditions apply 
Dislcaimer: Information collected from your hospital will only be used internally to calculate your personalized results and toolkit. 
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